The purpose of the Festival

 The Festival is organized as a homage to Johnny Raducanu, the illustrious Braila citizen, seeking to perpetuate his work and distinct artistic personality. His great love for the hometown, Braila, exceeded only by the love for music, his constant support offered to the young creators or jazz performers will be annually celebrated in this way also.

The Festival – contest is an yearly competitive event organised by Braila County Council, the Creation Center and aims at discovering and promoting new interpretive talents. On the entire festival’s duration there will take place jazz recitals, an occasion for the young competitors and audience to come together with well-known performers of jazz music, to meet musical producers and also a music and book fair, where they will participate in album releases.

The Festival is divided in two sections: contest and recitals performed by great jazz artists.

Music tracks – Johnny Raducanu

Johnny Raducanu part.1

Johnny Raducanu part.2

Johnny Raducanu part.3


Regulamentul Festivalului International de Jazz Braila 2017

Registration form Jazz 2017


Regulation of Johnny Raducanu International Jazz Festival Braila 2016
Registration form Jazz 2016


Regulation of Johnny Raducanu International Jazz Festival – Braila 2015
Registration Form  – Johnny Raducanu Jazz Festival

The list of the admitted competitors after the preselection from the 30th September 2015
Braila-Jazz 2015 – admitted competitors

1. Acker Michael & Dimitriu Toma -Romania
2. The Sander Baan Quartet – Netherlands
3. JC Trio – Portugal – Italy – Spain
4. Logo30 -Bulgaria
5. The Twisters – Romania & Republica Moldova
6. Mo Tow Trio – Greece & Cyprus & Hungary
7. Sketchbook Quartett -Austria

1.Sergey Chashkin – Russia
2.Nick Conn – Great Britain
3.Paolo Recchia- Italy
4.Madalina Ioana Petre – Romania
5. Leonte Ana Cristina – Romania
6.Oana Muresan -Romania
7.Victor Jimenez -Spain