2016’s edition program

Pre-selection results – 2016’s edition

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Johnny Răducanu
International  Jazz Festival
the IVth Edition, Braila, Romania,
21st-23rd Octomber 2016

The list of the admitted competitors after the pre-selection
from the 27th of September 2016


  1. CALI Quartet –Romania
  2. Koszorus Krisztina & Szasz Csaba – Romania
  3. Secret Formula – Romania
  4. Stefan Goranov Quartet -Bulgary

Instrumental performer

  1. Daniel Torres Salazar – Spain- saxophone
  2. Garrofe Farras Arnau – Spain- saxophone
  3. Thomas Thorp – U.K- saxophone
  4. Victor Jimenez- Spain – saxophone


  1. Anita Petruescu – Romania
  2. Diana Caldăraru – Romania
  3. Diana Miron – Romania
  4. Elisabeta Campău Firțescu – Romania
  5. Liliya Ilieva – Bulgary
  6. Nicoleta Gavriliță – Moldavia

2016’s Pre-selection

Poster festival

We inform you that the deadline for the registration in the International Jazz competition Johnny Raducanu is September 23rd.

The prizes will be:

Johnny Raducanu’s trophy – 5.000 Euro
Best instrumental performer– 2.500 Euro
Best singer – 2.500 Euro
The best band– 3.000 Euro
Prize for the most promising young performer – 2.500 Euro
Prize for the best composition-2.500 Euro.

For more information visit us:

e-mail: festival.raducanu@centruldecreatie.ro

Competition date change

We inform audience about the date change for the organization of the International Festival of Jazz “Johnny Raducanu” edition 2016. The festival will take place from 21 to 23 October 2016, the deadline for selection is 23 September.

We have some changes related to fee and payment method.
For all these corrections you can follow in Regulation updated below:

Regulation of Johnny Raducanu International Jazz Festival  – Braila 2016

Registration form Jazz 2016

2016 Regulation

Braila County Council and the Creation Center organise between the 16st- the 18rd of september 2016 the fourth edition of the International Jazz Festival  “Johnny Raducanu”.

The regulation can be viewed at “Documents” menu of this site.

Winnert of 2015 edition

Winners of the 3rd edition of the festival

Paolo Recchia


Trophy “Johnny Raducanu”

Ana Cristina Leonte


Best vocalist



Best band

Sergey Chashkin


Best instrumental performer

The Twisters


Prize for the most promising young artist

Competitor preselection – 2015 edition of the Festival

The list of the admitted competitors after the preselection from the 30th Sptember 2015
Braila-Jazz 2015 – admitted competitors

1. Acker Michael & Dimitriu Toma -Romania
2. The Sander Baan Quartet – Netherlands
3. JC Trio – Portugal – Italy – Spain
4. Logo30 -Bulgaria
5. The Twisters – Romania & Republica Moldova
6. Mo Tow Trio – Greece & Cyprus & Hungary
7. Sketchbook Quartett -Austria

1.Sergey Chashkin – Russia
2.Nick Conn – Great Britain
3.Paolo Recchia- Italy
4.Madalina Ioana Petre – Romania
5. Leonte Ana Cristina – Romania
6.Oana Muresan -Romania
7.Victor Jimenez -Spain

Deadline for registration

Don’t forget! 25th september is the deadline for registration to International Jazz Festival “Johhny Raducanu”.


Johnny Raducanu Trophy – 5000 euro
Best instrumental performer – 2500 euro
Best vocalist – 2500 euro
Best band – 3000 euro
Prize for the most promising young artist – 2500 euro