Winners of the 2017 Edition

Sanna Domenico – Johnny Raducanu Trophy

Fernando Brox – Prize for best instrumental performer

Izabela Mihaela Simion –  Prize for best vocalist

Alexey Leon Quartet – Prize for best band

Thomas Thorp – Prize for the most promising young artist

Sexpeare – Prize for the best composition

Pre-selection results – 2017’s edition

Johnny Răducanu

International Jazz Festival
The Vth Edition, Braila, Romania, 20th-22ndOctober 2017


The list of the admitted competitors in the contest

after the pre-selection from the 29thof September 2017


  1. Alexey Leon Quartet-Spain
  2. Sexpeare –Spain/Great Britain
  3. Trio Mezcal-Italy

Instrumental performer

  1. Pinter Peter- piano- Hungary
  2. Sanna Domenico-piano- Italy
  3. Lo Chiano Alessandro –trumpet- Italy
  4. Fernando Brox-flute- Spain
  5. Thomas Thorp- saxophone-Marea Britanie
  6. Gianni Gagliardi-saxophone-Spania


  1. Sarosi Nora- Romania
  2. Cosmin Farcas- Romania
  3. Attila SuBa-Hungary
  4. Simion Izabela Mihaela –Romania
  5. Sandu Bantas- Romania